Born in Porto, Portugal in 1980. My mother’s an economist, my father a self-taught solution inventor and I’ve always been a curious visual thinker, a child of LEGOs and puzzles, so my parents say. The truth is I love the creation process - to research, develop ideas, perfect them, and bring them to life.

Started out in the design industry through music - poster design, cd covers for BorLand, an independent music label. Always intrigued about how simple static design could become dynamic and interactive. My interest led me to obtain a Bachelor degree in Digital Arts, Sound and Image.

Over the years web design, interactive installations, programming, 3D modeling and rendering, video editing were added to my technical skills. On the theoretical side i gained knowledge in the following fields, art and communication psychology, aesthetics, digital design, digital audio, electronic music history. Before finishing college I was invited to collaborate with the research lab (CITAR), consequently I was invited to teach the Net.Art program from the Master’s in Digital Arts.

After a couple of years the need for a new challenge arose, to become a full-time freelancer. Fortunately several challenging projects came my way - online music players, interactive physical networked installations, and motion design projects for TV.

In 2010 I upped my game by accepting a position as an Art Director and Senior Designer at a national leading studio Creative BitBox. Responsible for developing interactive communication products mainly focused on physical computing (e.g.: computer vision, mobile computing and touch interfaces). As such I gained experience working on large corporative projects with multinational clients, La Redoute, Optimus, Angol Profiler.

In 2012 I gained insight in product and service design as co-founder of B-Around, a spinoff for the tourism market, and designing a powerful digital tourist guide implemented in different formats and platforms.

In 2013 moved to the US looking for new personal and professional challenges.

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