MATLAB Live Classes

Improving discoverability and experience of classes in Live Editor

  • The vast majority of MATLAB users does not use classes or they use them without the need to edit them.
  • Classes can be very useful even for non-developers, however they seem to be hard to understand
  • Our research showed that Power users – developers and advanced MATLAB programmers – find it hard to read and documentation is poorly supported.

  • Make classes more discoverable and accessible to regular users
  • Improve classes creation and editing experience
  • Provide a better documentation experience




Product Designer


UX Researcher, Developer


The team gathered to sketch some design ideas and alternative solutions. We focused mostly on creation and documentation task flows. 


We considered using different discovery mechanisms for creating a class and we decided the most promising were:

  • introducing a new file menu item – file new > live class
  • inline autocompletion widget would recognize the keyword and generate a template
These approaches were not mutually exclusive, both improve overall experience by providing multiple ways of completing the task. Based on some interviews with internal users we decided to increase fidelity and produce walkthroughs for the two main user tasks РClass creation and Class documentation